Welcome to VJ Stables

VJ Stables was formed out of a shared passion for horses of all shapes and sizes. Linda Jesse & Harold Visscher have spent considerable years enjoying their passion for horses and now would like to share that with others.

The property is well equipped with two modern, two stall barns. The main barn is equipped with wash rack, tack room, tie stalls, washroom, rubber mats and laundry facilities.

The colt barn is equipped with large tack lockers, rubber mats and power.

The facility has an extensive round pen with high walls and smooth footing. Great for colt starting, lunging and training tune ups.

The outdoor arena has barrels, jumps, mounting block, 2 gate access and high fencing.

The property is set on 80 acres with solid fencing, ample access to trails, trainers and local riding events. There is pasture board, large 2 acre paddock board as well as full stall board. Extras available include blanketing, supplements, trailer storage, short distance hauling, overnight stabling, handling for deworming, veterinarian or farrier and lessons by CHA Certified Riding Instructor.

Since our hay is grown on site we are able to have control of the quality of feed your horse receives. Because the owners and operators live on sight there is always someone around to ensure the quality of care is top notch. With quality of care and feed the icing on the cake is access to top instruction, on your own mount or a suitable lesson horse at your convenience.

Call or e-mail to schedule a visit so we can put on a pot of coffee and enjoy our shared love for horses. Board is currently available so please contact us for current rates.